The Tyred Fiddle hornpipe

Also known as The Flat Fiddle, Jimmy Troy’s Folly, The Tired Fiddle.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Tyred Fiddle
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:(3G^F=F|E>cG>c E>cG>c|F>cA>c F>cA>c|B>cd>e (3fed B>d|c>ed>c (3BcB (3G^F=F|
E>cG>c E>cG>c|F>cA>c F>cA>c|B>cd>e (3fed B>d|1 c2 G2 C2:|2 c2 G2 C>g||
|:^f>=f|e>cB>c G>cB>c|A>FE>F D2 d>c|B>G^F>G A>GE>G|(3ced (3cBA G2 (3g^f>=f|
e>cB>c G>cB>c|A>FE>F D2 d>c|B>G^F>G A>GE>G|1 c2 e2 c>g:|2 c2 G2 C2||
X: 2
T: The Tyred Fiddle
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:(3A^G=G|F>dA>d F>dA>d|G>dB>d G>dB>d|c>de>f (3gfe c>e|d>fe<d (3cdc (3A^G=G|
F>dA>d F2 A>d|G>d (3Bcd G2 B>d|c2 (3def (3gfe c>e|1 (3ded (3ABA D2:|2 d2 A2 D>a||
|:^g=g|f>dc>d A>dc>d|B>GF>G E2 e>d|c>A^G>A B>AF>A|(3dfe (3dcB A>a^g>=g|
f>d (3Bcd A2 c>d|B>GF>G E2 (3fed|c>A^G>A B2 (3[FA][GB][Ac]|1 d2 f2 d>a:|2 d2 A2 D2||
X: 3
T: The Tyred Fiddle
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A>G|F>dA>d F2 (3AFD|G>d (3Bcd G2 (3BGE|(3cde (3def g>ec>e|(3dfe (3dcB (3Ace (3A^G=G|
F2 A>d F2 A>d|G2 B>d G2 B>d|c>d (3def g>e (3edc|1 d2 (3A^GA D2:|2 d2 (3FGA [D2d2]||
|:(3a^g=g|f>dc>d A2 (3dc=c|B>GF>=F E2 e>d|c>A^G>A B2 (3FGA|(3dfe (3dcB A>a (3a^g>=g|
f>d (3Bcd A2 c>d|B>GF>=F E>fe>d|c2 (3A^GA B>F (3FGA|1 d2 (3f^ef d2:|2 d2 A2 D2||

Fourteen comments

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You are James Troy and Confess you Sin

I only hope the title of this piece is obvious enough. I’d hate to have you confess something else in what is probably a great respository of transgressions and misdemeanours. I hope there’s not anything too ugly hidden in those shadows…

Now for my SIN. I sometimes play those short groups with the ^f/^Fs as an exaggerated, even painful rallentando, or even dropping down to that low C and treating that as if it were a fermata. Now talk about irritating - but hey, in a sense it is a joyful funerary piece…

Troy’s gone and knocked the ‘F’ out of it - - -

He’s backed it up to the key of ‘D’ so he could play it on his flute… I hope he’s planning on sharing that with you all. I can’t figure out what stopped him doing it in this key, all he’d need to do is avoid that low ‘C’…

For Jamie and all ye pipe blowers who need to nimble up your fingers - - -

Alright, here’s an alternate ending without changing the key but avoiding that low ‘C’:

- - - |c2 (3e^de c2:|

Now that is the finger that needs the most exercise. A bit of anatomy, the tendon for that finger is shorter than the others. Haven’t you noticed how damned hard it is to wiggle it independent of the others?

“ceolachan” - you’re talking to yourself again………..🙂

Yeah, and looking at that damned finger…

- - - R.I.P. - - - or R.I.S. - ‘Rest in Silence’

In case it isn’t obvious, and I don’t see James making a contribution, I’ll give a bit of the tale. James put his fiddle case down, an instrument inside, and then started up the car and backed over it… I’m still hoping he’ll put it in his own words. Suffice it to say, such a loss is a grave sin in my books…

So, I would add a bit of clumsy pizzicato here and there and especially for the end, and on that suggested fermata, a bit of harsh bow work and wonkiness, and maybe some Balkan harmonic work… 😉

Huh? - Richard Greene was Robin Hood…

Patrick Knowles played the merry Will…

K: Dmaj

|: (3A^G=G |
F>dA>d F>dA>d | G>dB>d G>dB>d | c>de>f (3gfe c>e | d>fe<d (3cdc (3A^G=G |
FdAd FdAd | GdBd GdBd | cdef (3gfe c>e |1 d2 A2 D2 :|2 d2 A2 D>a ||
|: ^g=g |
f>dc>d A>dc>d | B>GF>G E2 e>d | c>A^G>A B>AF>A | (3dfe (3dcB A>a^g>=g |
f>dc>d A>dc>d | B>GF>G E2 e>d | c>A^G>A B>AF>A |1 d2 f2 d>a :| d2 A2 D2 ||

“Jimmy Troy” ~ M.I.A.

For those of you who find your way here, Jim was here too and had commented… When he was removed from this site all his comments went with him and little remains. This tune was written in his honour, even if there is humour over a dire occurance. I miss his presence here and I count him amongst our friends, someone to care for, someone we miss…

If any of you find confusion above, it is because some people, like Jimmy, are gone, and everything they’d said or contributed here on site went with them. So, some of the dialogue is no more, the filler between some of my comments is now gone, maybe half a dozen lines… 🙁