The Three-Headed Monster reel

Also known as The 3 Headed Monster, The Bunch Of Currants, Esther’s, Miss Brady, Miss Brady’s, Western Lilt.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Three-Headed Monster
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
g3 e fe d2|efga gfef|eBBB dBAF|GBAF GEEE|
gBeg fagf|efga g3 f|edBe dBAF|GBAF GFED||

Seven comments

3-Headed Monster

I know this originally from Sharon Shannon’s Spellbound CD. It’s in 3 flats on that but I think it works better in E minor / D major. It’s also on Four Men and a Dog’s Maybe Tonight as the tune after the Ashplant in the set of that name (unaccredited in the sleeve notes). They play it with the ‘B’ part first (and also in 3 flats in terms of pitch but maybe they’ve retuned their instruments? - I see the Ashplant on this site is in two sharps so it maybe confirms the correct key for 3-HM as the same). They do a neat ending using the first bar of the ‘B’ part and finishing on the D at the start of bar 2. I think it’s either by Sharon Shannon or Donal Lunny.

This is Esther’s reel and it’s already here.


Sorry. Thanks for that.


No need to apologise! I’m sorry if my note seemed critical. And, of course, I should have said that this is also known as Esther’s reel.


Low turns

Here’s an instance (they’re not so common) of an Irish dance tune that starts "high" and ends "low".

"Miss Brady" / "The Bunch of Currants" / "Esther’s" / The 3-Headed Monster" - more of the same

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