One recording of
La Grande Chaine
The Girl With The Blue Dress On

La Grande Chaine (barndance) is also known as Antigonish Polka, Antigonish Polka #3, Antigonish Polka No. 3, The Antigonish Polkas No. 3, The Big Ship, Bluebell, Glise à Sherbrooke, Glise De Sherbrooke, The Grand Chain, Le Grand Chein, Le Reel De Sherbrooke, Quadrille De Chez Nous, Reel De Tadoussac, Tadoussac, The Tadoussac.

The Girl With The Blue Dress On (polka) is also known as The Babe In The Woods, Bonnie Ann, Bonny Annie, I Love A Girl With The Blue Dress On, Monica Lewinsky’s, Pat McNicholas’, Tom Morrison’s, Tony Lowe’s.

Bonny North Tyne: Northumbrian Country Music by John Armstrong, Will Atkinson, Joe Hutton, Billy Conroy, George Hepple, Donald Ridley

  1. The Girl With The Blue Dress On
  2. The Big Ship