One recording of
The Jig Of Slurs
Paudeen O’Rafferty

The Jig Of Slurs (jig) is also known as The Jig O’ Slurs.

Paudeen O’Rafferty (jig) is also known as Jim Droney’s, Paddy O’Rafferty, Padeen O’Raffery, Padgin O’Rafferty, Paidín Ó Raifearta, Paidin O Raifeartai, Paidín Ó Raifeartaigh, Páidín Ó Reafartaigh, Paidin O’Rafferty, Paidin O’Rafferty’s, Paidin O’Raftery, Paidin O’Raifearta’s, Paidin O’Raifeartaigh, Paudeen O’Rafferty’s, The Shannon, Síos Chun Na Trá, Ten Penny Money, The Three Little Drummers.

Melodeon Greats: A Collection Of Melodeon Masterpieces by Various Artists

  1. Páidín Ó Reafartaigh
  2. The Jig Of Slurs
  3. Gan Ainm