Barring Controversy mazurka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Barring Controversy
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A/ d>f|b2 a2 f>e|d>A f2 e>d|c>A g2 f>e|d>A f>A d>f|
b2 a2 f>e|d>A f2 e>d|c>A g>e c>A|d2- d3/2:|
|:e/ (3fed|B2 G>B G>B|A>F f>d A>d|c>A g>e c>A|d>A f>d A>d|
B2 G>B G>B|A>F f>d A>d|c>A g>e c>A|d2- d3/2:|

Nine comments

Nnnnnnnn- - - it’s all in me head…

Hmmm - the link above doesn’t work - because the last three items ‘+))’ that finish the search didn’t register. Here’s the link, enter what you will:

Try this clicking adventure - 1.) Subjects / 2.) Piano —- Methods / 3.) Mazurkas

Last night I got 790 - "nnnnn- - -"… Try also as a search the variant spelling "Varsoviana"…more manageable, only 13 last night. And this was to disctract me from other important things like painting? Sadly, this madness in not just intermittent. I wonder if I can blame this on my ‘dyslexia’? ;-P


Much to late to blame it on dyspepsia - try calling it "me lifestyle".

BTW - this is a great tune. Do you know the composer? Me Lifestyle - precludes following the above directions.

I’m not all together happy with the name, but - it came out of hours of checking dusty old tomes to try and pin down differences between the Mazurka and its offshoot the Varsovienne, music and history and dance, the last two being the easiest, except for all that dross and mythology spattered all over the Internet like slurry, mostly from the pens of ‘classical musiicians’ - who generally can’t play things even a snorts worth. The tune also came in a session with the music of John McCusker, a promise I’d made some Aussie folks on this site (a McCusker) to put some of his and the family’s playing into ABC for adding to this site, for example the Mazurka/Varsovienne ‘McCuskers’. The two seem to mate up quite nicely in a set.

The name, as it currently stands, has to do with barring the tunes, Mazurkas and Varsoviennes, then and now… I also was thinking about Mazurkas that can’t serve also as a Varsovienne, like this one. That is like throwing a gauntlet down or waving a red flag to a bull on site here. I suspect that someone will try… ;-P

No, it is definitely dyspepsia and accompanying flatulence. I never should have eaten that shrimp…

I must be tired. About the above and ‘classical musicians’ - it should have read:
"- who generally can’t play these things (Ms & Vs) even a snorts worth." - or jigs and reels or anything else ‘live’ and danceable… Yeah, there are a few exceptions…


uhh, mazurkas are cool. It seems like you stress out about them a little bit though. Cool mazurka website you’ve discovered, and i like the other mazurka links too.

Oh no, it’s Voodoo child - I just know I’m going to have nightmares tonight about a cittern playing babooness and an albino dwarf on a synthesized piano accordion playing tangos in some demented counterpoint - too many pints of G & T mixed with paint fumes… Maybe if I listen to enough ‘Grateful Dead’ I can purge myself of this impending damnation…

It was a button accordian. I don’t do drugs, and that was one of my tamer dreams, that I can remember.