John Roarty’s reel

Also known as Gealach An Fhómhair.

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One setting

X: 1
T: John Roarty's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
D|EGAB cGG2|EGBG c2 GF|EGAB cEGc|d2 ed ^cAAG|
EGAB cGG2|EGBG c2 GF|EGAB cEGc|d2 ed ^cde^f||
g2 ec Gce^f|gece a2 ga|ecgc abag|ed^ce d=cA^f|
g2 ec Gce^f|gece a2 ga|ecgc abag|ed^ce d=cAG||
D|EGAB cG (3EEG|EG[BG]G [c3G3] G|EGAB cEGc|d2 ed ^cAAG|
EGAB cG(3GGG|EGBG cAGF|EGAB cEGc|d2 ed ^cde^f||
g2 ec Gce^f|{a}gece (3aaa ga|ecgc abag|ed^ce d=cA^f|
g2 ec Gce^f|{a}gece (3aaa ga|ecgc abag|ed^ce d=cAG||
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John Roarty’s

This is an Ed Reavy tune, as played by Jim Eagan, a Baltimore fiddler, on his cd, At Reavy’s House. Fine stuff from Jim.

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John Roarty

My name is Therese. I grew up in Drexel Hill, Pa. My Grandfather was John P. Roarty. I believe he was a great influence in "fiddling". As a matter of fact, my aunt told me that was his nickname, The Fidd;er. He had an orchestra by the name of Pride of Killarney Dance Orchestra, in which my mother, Agnes, was the pianist. My Grandfather also owned a tap room on Market St. by the same name of the Orchestra, although to regulars it was called "The Pride". In this new age of computers, I looked up my Grandfather’s name and read what an influence he was on Revy and that a "reel" was done in his honor. I am so sorry that I did not have a chance to speak with Mr. Reavy, considering he was so close to my home town. But, thank you Mr. Reavy, thank you for honoring my Grandfather who I never go to know because of his sudden death in the 1940’s If you knew my Grandfather or any stories or legends, please let me know. Thx, The Fiddlersgranddaughter

Re: John Roarty’s

A different version of this is to be found on Derek McGinley and Tara Connaghan’s recording "The Far Side of the Glen", with the Irish name "Gealach an Fhomhair".

Re: John Roarty’s

That should be "Gealach an Fhómhair", with the accent on the O.