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Casey’s Pig

Stumpie (strathspey) is also known as Border Fray, Butter’d Peas, Butter’d Pease, Buttered Pease, Hap An’ Row The Feeties O’t, The Highland Wedding, Jack’s Be The Daddy On’t, The Reel Of Stumpie, Stumpey, The Stumpey, The Stumpie Highland Fling, The Stumpie, Wap An’ Rowe, Wap And Row.

Casey’s Pig (hornpipe) is also known as Casey’s Pig Highland Fling, The Duke Of Fife’s Birthday, Duke Of Gordans, Duke Of Gorden’s Birthday, Duke Of Gordon, Duke Of Gordon’s, Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday, The Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday, The Duke Of Gordon’s Strathspey, The Duke Of Gordon’s, The Duke Of Gordon, Duke Of Gordons Birthday.

Attuned by Gillian Boucher

  1. Och Mar Tha Mi
  2. Memories Of Fr. Angus MacDonnell
  3. Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday
  4. Stumpie
  5. The Lismore Lassies

Cape Breton Fiddle And Piano Music by The Beatons

  1. Stumpie
  2. Duke Of Gordon
  3. West Mabou
  4. Joys Of Mabou Mines
  5. Anna Mae’s