Two recordings of
The Western
The Cuckoo

The Western (hornpipe) is also known as The Athlone, Bobby Gardiner’s, Cornphíopa Phádraig Uí Bhriain, Dealg Na Teaṁraċ, Mountain Stream, The Mountain Stream, Paddy O’Brien’s, The Tara Brooch Highland Fling, The Tara Brooch, The Tarra Broach.

The Cuckoo (hornpipe) is also known as Archie Simon, Canadian Reel, The Cuckoo Clog, Dublin, Dublin’s, Murray’s Fancy.

Casey In The Cowhouse by Bobby Casey

  1. Gerry Daly’s
  2. Scully Casey’s
  3. The Cuckoo
  4. The Western

The Silver Spire by Karen Tweed

  1. The Cuckoo
  2. The Tara Brooch
  3. The Smell Of The Bog