The Tuesday barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Tuesday
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A2 c>e a2 a2|b>a^g>b a2 a2|A2 c>e g2 a>g|(3fgf d>f e>Bc>B|
A2 c>e a2 a2|b>a^g>b a2 a2|A>Bc>d e>gf>e|1 (3ded c>e d>Bc>B:|2 (3ded c>e d>fa>g||
|:f2 d>e f>ga>f|g>f g2 B4|A2 c>e a2 a2|b>a^g>b a2 e>f|
g>fg>a b2 a>g|f>ef>a A4|A>Bc>d e>gf>e|1 (3ded c>e d>fa>g:|2 (3ded c>e d4||

Two comments

The Tuesday Barndance - by Paul O’Shaughnessy

Well, I’ve gotten responses from a few of you with regards to my seeking Paul O’Shaughnessy’s permission to post this, his tune. I’ve been told to go ahead and ‘put the dots out’. Paul is well thought of and well respected as a - - - now wait for it - - - ‘person’, but his musical talents and accompanying generosity of spirit also got some mention -

“He has no egotistical side to him. He does realise the gift he has as regards his ability on fiddle, but he is so unassuming.”

No! - I’m not about to condemn the quoter.

Paul wrote this for the recording he did with the flautist Paul McGrattan, ‘Within a Mile of Dublin’, recommended.

AAaaa… - 1st part, bar 7, now corrected in the ABCs - that ‘a’ should have been an ‘A’:

|A>Bc>d e>gf>e|