Michael Cramer’s reel

Also known as Creamer’s, Michael Creamer’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Michael Cramer's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A3B AF~F2|AFAd f3g|afef dB~B2|dBAF FEDF|
A3B AF~F2|AFAd f3g|afef dB~B2|1 Adfe d3B:|2 Adfe d3e||
|:fded BAFA|dcdf a3f|g2fg edBc|dBAF FEDF|
A3B AF~F2|AFAd f3g|afef dB~B2|1 Adfe d3e:|2 Adfe d3B||

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Michael Cramer’s

I’ll be surprised if this one hasn’t been posted already and I’ve just missed it. Couldn’t find it with an advanced search.

This tune is really common in the sessions here. 2 versions of it get played - this one and Seamus Tansey’s version - and people don’t seem to be able to decide which one to stick with. I think the version I’ve posted is fairly standard. I have a recording of someone playing the Tansey version but it’s on a minidisk and it’ll take me ages to find. When I track it down I’ll transcribe it here because I’d quite like to learn that version too so I can pick and choose which one I want to play.


Sorry, Mark - compare with "The Burren", posted in August 2003. Recorded by "De Danann" as "Charlie Harris’s", and sometimes known as "Creamer’s"

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Ah well… Jeremy feel free to go ahead and erase the beautiful new sheetmusic you made for me 🙂

Not so fast…………

Before this goes, what’s this about a "Tansey" version? If you find it, could you add it on to the "Burren", please? Sounds interesting.

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It’s okay, when I find it I’ll put it in the Burren comments. I can’t remember which disk it’s on. I may even have erased it by accident. If so I’ll get the person to play it again for me next session. It starts on the high octave A and is a completely different setting.

The Burren, aka Creamer’s, aka Michael Cramer’s

See https://thesession.org/tunes/1871/comments for Matt Cunningham’s version that he plays on the fiddle on CD 5 of his collection “Dance Music of Ireland”.

I learned a slightly different version than this one out of a book called THE IRISH SESSION TUNES. I don’t remember what it was named in the book and I don’t have the book any more. The book was a very thin pruple soft cover copy.

Re: Michael Cramer’s

This tune I know as Charlie Harris’s from the playing on Sean Ryan (whistle), who follows it with Lucky in Love. I’ve played this set for years. The name Michael Cramer is not familiar to me . Any idea who he is/was? Charlie Harris is a box player , but in both cases there may be an original name for this tune behind these two names ?

Re: Michael Cramer’s

…………..and now, after years of painstaking research (!) I find this snippet of information about the elusive Michael Cramer/ Creamer ………”Michael McNamara, the Leitrim flute player and scion of the famous musical family, says that Michael Creamer was an itinerant labourer who came to the Leitrim area from northern Ireland. Creamer played the whistle and knew about a dozen tunes, but always started the evening with this one, which entered local tradition and was named in his honor.”

So, maybe Michael is the one who called it The Burren ………