Scotch Mist strathspey

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One comment

“Scotch Mist” ~ D Major

K: D Major
F>G |:
A>FA<d B>G (3Bcd | c>de>c d2 (3def |
g2 (3gab a<fe<d |1 (3BcB g>f (3efd (3cBA :|2 B<ge>c d2 f>g ||
a>ba<f d>e (3fed | g>ab<g e2 (3efg |
a2 a<f d2 f<d | B2 g<f e2 F>G |
A>FA<d B>G (3Bcd | c>de>c d2 e>f |
g>fg>b a<fe<d |B>ge>c d2 ||

“Kerr’s Merry Melodies Vol. 4”
page 10, # 68

K: D Major
|: A>FA<d B>GB<d | c>de>c d2 f2 |
g>fg<b a<fe<d |1 B<Bg>f (3efd (3cdB :|2 B<gf>e d3 f ||
|: a>ba<g d>ef<d | g>ab>g e2 (3efg |
a>ba<f d>ef<d |1 B<Bg>f e3 f :|2 B<gf>e d3 z ||

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