Caught In The Middle reel

By Jack Gilder

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One setting

X: 1
T: Caught In The Middle
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
ag|:fgaf gecA|defd AGFA|G2ed cABc|defg e2de|
fgaf gecA|defd AGFA|G2ed cABc|1 dBAF D2ag:|2 dBAF D2AG||
|:FA~A2 GBdB|ceAc dBAG|FA~A2 GBdf|gefd ecAG|
FA~A2 GBdB|ceAc defg|a2fa gecA|1 dBAF D2AG:|2 dBAF D2||

Twelve comments

Caught in the Middle

I started writing this one a couple of years ago and had thought of it as a reel. I was never quite happy with it, and recently tried playing it as a hornpipe – and it clicked. (I tend to play hornpipes with out much swing, if at all, and at set dancing speed)

come to think of it, sounds like something the Kane Sisters would play… Even cooler! XD

Cheers Jack, this is nice.

Sweet one Jack, you just know I’ll swing the hell out of it until it jangles…

Caught In The Middle

Great tune.

Thanks gang

I appreciate the encouragement. When I explain how I play hornpipes it’s only to help you see what I originally had in mind, it doesn’t mean it has to be played that way – swing away. Also, I realize that as soon as you release a tune into the ITM pool it’s subject to variables. I’m flattered that anyone took any interest in it at all, and I don’t worry that it will remain note for note in its journey. Thanks again. 🙂

Caught in the Middle

I should add that I’m caught in the middle between playing the first bar A an octave higher and the way it is. That would go for all the similar bers as well. In other words; instead of afdA it would be afda.

Me too! If it gets too jangled up in my hands I’ll come back and haunt you with it…

|a>fd>a g<ec>E|

- just to be develish…

It’s now definately a reel

After playing this for some time (and on concertina as opposed to flute) I have rearranged the notes (mostly in the first part,) and it plays as a reel instead of a hornpipe. I updated the ABCs, but the midi and sheet music is likely to remain the way it was.