Two recordings of a tune named
Behind The Haystack
With a tune named
The Creel Of Turf

Behind The Haystack (jig) is also known as Box The Monkey, Fill The Bag, Killoughery Jig No. 2, Munster Buttermilk, The Munster Buttermilk, Port An Bhráthar, Port Na MBráithre, Squeeze Your Thighs, Take Her Or Leave Her.

The Creel Of Turf (jig) is also known as An Cliabh Mona, The Basket Of Turf, The Creel Of Turf, Do Tamboirin Poirt, Do Tamboirin Port, The Green Meadow, Sligeach Abú, The Unfortunate Rake, Up Sligo, Up Sligo!.

Crossroads Céilí by Brendan Begley, Seamus Glackin, Michael O’Brien, Mary Corcoran, Mick Gaynor

  1. Up Sligo
  2. Behind The Haystack

River Reel by Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich/Brendan Begley, Seamus Glackin, Mick O'Brien, Mary Corcoran, Mick Gaynor

  1. Up Sligo
  2. The Munster Buttermilk