Eighteen recordings of The Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsey

Also known as The Boanie Isle O’Whalsay, Bonnie Isle A’ Whalsay, The Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsay, The Bonnie Isle Of Whalsay, Bonny Isle A’ Whalsay, Da Boanie Isle O Whalsay, Da Boanie Isle O Whalsey, Da Boanie Isle O’Whalsay, Da Boannie Isle O’ Whalsey, Da Bonnie Isle A’ Whalsay, Da Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsay, Da Bonnie Isle O’Whalsay, Da Bonny Isle A’ Whalsay, Da Bonny Isle O’Whalsey.

This tune has been recorded together with Jack Broke Da Prison Door (a few times), Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’ (a few times), Donald Blue (a few times), Lasses Trust In Providence (a few times), Aandowin’ At Da Bow (a few times), Da Scallowa Lasses (a few times), Faroe Rum (a few times), A Punch In The Dark, Aird Ranters, The Ale Is Dear, Calum Donaldson, The Cockerel In The Creel, Da Bush Below Da Gairden, Da Caald Nights O’ Winter, Da Day Dawn, De’il Stick Da Minister, The Greenland Man’s Tune, Hamar Ower Da Taing, Jenny Dang The Weaver, The Lass That Made The Bed For Me, Lord McDonald’s, The Merry Boys Of Greenland, Miss Susan Cooper, Munster Buttermilk, O’er Bogie, Ruidhle Mo Nighean Donn, The Sister, Spootiskerry, Willafjord.

  1. 1982 by Willie Hunter And Violet Tulloch
  2. Around The World by Fiddlers’ Bid
  3. Bodega by Bodega
  4. Cascade by Capercaillie
  5. Dorney Rock by Kevin Macleod
  6. Evolving Tradition 1 by Various Artists
  7. Fishguard Folk - On a Sunday by Various Artists
  8. From Shetland by Trevor Hunter
  9. Fully Rigged by Aly Bain And Ale Möller
  10. Gillian Frame And Back Of The Moon by Back Of The Moon
  11. High Rock And Low Glen by Dab Hand
  12. Obadeea by Hom Bru
  13. Off the Hook by The Alistair McCulloch Trio
  14. Peat Fire Flame by Wrannock Celtic Trio
  15. Shetland Springs Fae Da Bonnie Isle by Gibbie Hutchison
  16. Souvenir Of Scotland by Simon Thoumire, Julia Legge, Jennifer Wrigley, Hazel Wrigley
  17. The Big Spree by Breabach
  18. The Silver Bow: The Fiddle Music of Shetland by Aly Bain & Tom Anderson