Nancy’s waltz

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Nancy's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
AB|:c3 B cd|e3 e fg|f3 f ed|c A3 AB|
c3 B cd|e3 c2 A|G3 A B2|E A3 AB|
c3 B cd|e a3 a2|f3 f ed|c2 A>A EF|
G3 A B2|d3 B AG|F3 F EF|1 E4 AB:|2 E2E2 ag||
f3 f ed|c A3 EF|G A3 BG|F2 A>c ea|
f3 f ed|c2 a>a ef|g3 f ed|e3 e ab|
c'3 c' af|e c3 Bc|d2 e2 fa|e c3 E>F|
G3 A B2|d3 B AG|F3 F E>F|1 E2E2 ag:|2 E4 AB||
X: 2
T: Nancy's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
E AB|c3c cd|e3e fg|f3f ed|cA2E AB|
c3c cd|ec3 A2|G3A BA|A3E AB|
c3c cd|ea3 aA|f3f ed|cA3 EF|
G3A B2|d3B AG|F3G FD|1 E3:|2 E4 eA|
|:f3f ed|cA3 EF|G2AD BA|A3c ea|
f3f ed|ca3 ef|g3f ed|e3A (3aba|
c'3c' af|ec2c Bc|d2eA fa|ec3 EF|
G3A B2|d3B AG|F3G FD|1 E4 eA:|2 E3||

Seven comments

Nancy’s Waltz

Nancy’s Waltz was composed by Chris Romaine from the Washington, DC area. It’s widely known and liked in the contra dance scenes of the Northeastern and Northwestern USA. It was recorded by Rodney Miller, by Natalie MacMaster, and possibly by others. Bill Matthiesen transcribed it in his first _Waltz Book_. See “”.

A great tune.

David Kaynor


i think it’s a lovely tune. i start it d e f#. I learnt it about ten years ago from a Yorkshireman who told me it was a Northumberland tune. (UK)

Played with swing

Hi John, regarding the versions of Nancy’s Waltz posted on the mandolincafe site, note that this tune should, I think, be played swung rather than straight. The second recording on that thread is from my transcription of Rachel Baiman (who plays it swung). except that, strangely, a G note is played after the high C# instead of an F#.

Re: Nancy’s

AND today it’s going to be paired with LEAH’S WALTZ for an ONLINE ZOOM English Country Dance which is usually paired with ASHOKAN FAREWELL. I think Leah’s and Nancy’s make a nice little medly.