Martin Wynne’s reel

Also known as Burying Poteen, Burying The Poteen, Chewing On Larrys, Martin Wynne’s #2, Martin Wynne’s Favourite, Martin Wynne’s No 2, Martin Wynne’s No. 2, Martin Wynne’s No.2.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Martin Wynne's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:FBAF A2FA|(3Bcd eg edde|~f2af egfe|dBAF BAFE|
FBAF A2FA|Beeg fdde|~f2af e2ge | dBAF ~B2AB:||
X: 2
T: Martin Wynne's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
"Bm"FBAF "A"E2FE|"G"DB~B2 "D"dBAF|"Em"BE~E2 "F#m"FEDE|"G"FABc "A"dcBA|
"Bm"F2AF "A"E2FE|"G"DB~B2 "D"dBAF|"Em"BE~E2 "F#m"FEDE|"Bm"FBBA B2BA:|
|:"D"FBAF "A"A2FA|"G"(3Bcd eg "A"fdde|"D"~f2af "A"e2fe|"G"dBAF "Bm"BAFE|
"D"FBAF "A"A2FA|"G"Bdeg "A"fdde|"D"~f2af "A"(3.e.f.g fe | "G"dBAF "Bm"~B2BA:|
X: 3
T: Martin Wynne's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DE | FBAF E2FE | DB,B,2 DB,A,2 | B,EE2 FEDE | FABc dcBA |
FBAF E2FE | DB,B,2 DB,A,2 | B,EE2 FEDE | FBBA B2 ||
AG | FBAF A2dA | B/c/deg fdde | ffaf egfe | dBAd B2AG |
FBAF A2dA | B/c/deg fddf | bfaf egfe | dBAd B2 ||
# Added by Jesse .
X: 4
T: Martin Wynne's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: FdAF EEFE | D2B,B, DB,A,D | B,EEE EFDE | F2A/B/c cdAG |
FdAF AAdA | Bdeg- gfde | efaf eafe | dBBA ABBA |
FdAF AAdA | Bdeg- gfde | efaf eafe | dBBA ABBA |
FdAF AAdA | Bdeg- gfde | efaf eafe | dBBA ABBA |
FdAF AAdA | Bdeg- gfda | baaf eafe | dBBA ABBA |]

Fifteen comments

This mighty tune is often played as a set with the other Martin Wynne reel I posted earlier. Martin Wynn didn’t write many tunes but I’ve never came across a bad one.

Martin Wynne’s

Some years ago, fiddler Johnny Cunningham recorded this as a slow reel, proving that a tune can be both "mighty" and lyrical. I learned it as an air first, then later heard it played up tempo a la the Bothy Band. They do a terrific transition from Martin Wynne’s into the Longford Tinker. The change hinges on the last bar of Wynne’s being the same notes as the first bar of Longford Tinker.

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I don’t know how "mighty" it is, but it’s also well known as the opening tune on Frankie Gavin’s first solo album (w/ Alec Finn) c. 1977. An excellent album— by far his best by my lights.


Sorry, I’m thinking of the other Martin Wynne’s everybody plays in D.

At our sessions this one is generally referred to as Martin Wynne’s No. 2. We play the other one in "D" (AF (3FEF GE (3EDE) before it and finish up with the one in "G" (dged B2 Ac) which makes for a nice set. I agree strongly with Brad’s comment about never hearing a bad tune associated with Martin’s name!

Might this not be in Bm?

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Best tune

this is my favourite tune of all time

… and i seem to remember reading somewhere that on martin’s deathbed, or near the time of his death, he was asked what his best or favourite tune was, to which he answered _

‘martin wynne’s no. 2’

it really is a mighty tune for you tunesmith’s out there

Best tune opening chords

paddy, just seen your question

the tune is in D major, but (simply) the 1st part is usually started on a three-chord sequence of B minor, A & G (repeated) [ although i prefer Bm, Em, G ] then into the 2nd part on a ‘strong D major’ (with B minor changes)

the golden touch is to do one variation on the opening with ‘F sharp minor’ (for 2) then G _that’s the one that does it …

Burying Poteen

Joe Burke and Sean Maguire play it as "Burying Poteen" on their "Irish Trad music at it’s best" album.

The play it before The Cup of Tea.


Kudos to whoever it is that keeps these lists up to date.


Flute/ pipes version based on the Bothy Band’s recording

Martin Wynne’s #2

There may be another name for this tune…the people I learned it from called it Martin Wynne’s #2

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