Two recordings of
Martin Wynne’s
The Fairy Dance

Martin Wynne’s (reel) is also known as Burying Poteen, Burying The Poteen, Chewing On Larrys, Martin Wynne’s #2, Martin Wynne’s Favourite, Martin Wynne’s No 2, Martin Wynne’s No. 2, Martin Wynne’s No.2.

The Fairy Dance (reel) is also known as Arrane Queeyl-Nieuee, Car Ny Ferrishyn, Daunse Ny Ferrishyn, Dawns Y Tylwyth Teg, Faeries’, The Faire’s, The Fairies’ Dance, Fairy, The Fairy, The Fairy, Gows, Largo’s Fairy Dance, Old Molly Hare, Quick Scotch, Snieu Queeyl Snieu, Snieu, Wheeyl, Snieu, Snieue-Queeyl-Snieue.

First Set by The Hatfield Sisters

  1. Silver Spear
  2. Martin Wynne’s #2
  3. The Stone Frigate
  4. Contradiction
  5. Bank Of Ireland
  6. The Fairy Dance

Sláinte by Sláinte

  1. Martin Wynne’s #2
  2. Fairy Dance