The Green Hills Of Tyrol jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Green Hills Of Tyrol
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
A|:BGG BGc|BGD B,CD|~B,3 ~E3|FEF G2 A|
~B3 Bcd|BcA BGD|B,G,B, EDE|1 FEF G2 A:|2 FEF G2 a||
|:bag egd|cdB ABG|FGE DEC|B,CA, G,2 D|
G2 B dBG|BcA BGD|B,G,B, EDE|1 FEF G2 a:|2 FEF G2 A||
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Green Hills of Tyrol

Grymater recently asked about the reel version of this tune, and I saw that this jig form hadn’t been posted yet. So here it is.

On recordings and in concert, people often start a set with the jig, and then go into the reel. (Eileen Ivers among others has recorded it this way). I’ve not heard this done in sessions, but it likely happens some places. But either jig or reel is strong enough to stand on its own in a set of other jig, or a set of reels.

I like the hiccuppy downhill run of the B part, but what really grabs me is the low G string stuff—nice and growly.

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This gets played at our session and I never knew what it was. Thanks W.

I’m sure it goes by other names, too, so it’ll be interesting to see those get added to the details page. And any other info about this tune: Composer? Why Tyrol? Which came first, the jig or the reel? etc.

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Green Hills

I’ve known of the reel for about 20 years, Will, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of it as a jig. I’d say almost certainly that the reel came first. I’d heard that Tommy Peoples made it popular and that he got it from a book of music. I think he recorded the reel on his "Traditional Experience" LP for Comhaltas.

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"Green Hills of Tyrol" / "Tripping Down the Stairs" ~ reel

Submitted on June 14th 2002 by Mad Baloney ~ G Major

For some reason the "Green Hills of Tyrol" title for the reel does not show in a ‘Search’, but it is recorded in the alternate title for this reel. Thanks to Will for directing me to it so I could add the link for anyone interested in such madness…myself included…

The jig on top of the reel

I like to play the jig and the reel together, on top of each other. If someone plays the reel, I’ll play the jig or vice versa. It always amazes me when people don’t notice, but if they do, you can immediatly slip back into their timing so as not to put them off.

Don’t knock it till you try it.

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