Seven recordings of Horse’s Bransle

Also known as Branle Dei Cavalli, Branle Des Chevaux, The Devil’s Fiddler, Horse’s Brawl, Horses Bransle, Horses’ Branle, Horses’ Brawl.

This tune has been recorded together with Bouncing Sam Jago, Bourree, Childgrove, Ievan Polkka.

  1. A Cheste Of Fyne Jewells by Diabolus In Musica
  2. Bobbityshooty by Blowzabella
  3. Dancing Days Are Here Again by The Albion Dance Band
  4. Il Drago by Myrddin
  5. Princess Of Flowers by Margaret Davis
  6. Something… by Threepenny Bit
  7. The Devil’s Fiddler by Nick Pynn