Hommage A Dorothée waltz

By Phillippe Bruneau

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hommage A Dorothée
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:B2 Bc dB|cf Ff Ff|BB/B/ Bc dB|cf Ff Ff|
B/B/B Bc dB|ce Ac eg|[F6f6]|1 fg fe dc:|2 [F4f4]B2||
|:ee ef ge|fb Bb Bb|e/e/e ef ge|fb Bb Bb|
ee ef ge|fa df ad'|[B6b6]|1 b=c' ba gf:|2 [B2b2] [A2a2] [G2g2]||
[F3f3] [Aa] [A2a2]|[A2a2] [G2g2] [F2f2]|[E3e3] [Gg] [G2g2]|[G2g2] f2e2|
c6|c2b2g2|[F6f6]|fg fe dc||
B/B/B Bc dB|cf Ff Ff|BB Bc dB|cf Ff Ff|
BB Bc dB|cf fe dc|(3BcB FB df|b6||
F2^A2c2|e2d2c2|1 B2Bcde|f6:|2 B2BFdc|B6||

Five comments

Composed many years ago by Philippe Bruneau as a tribute to Dorothy Hogan, grand old lady of Quebec traditional music, who died on September 26, 2004. Not exactly ITM but a lovely tune and a nice change from the ghastly waltzes you tend to hear in Ireland!

Another transcription is available in Laurie Hart’s “Danse ce Soir” compilation. Dorothee Hogan’s own book of traditional Quebecois melodies, “La Grande Ronde” available through Mnemo, is a great resource of others that Philippe Bruneau played with her.

How do I pull off all those octave stretches? Was M. Bruneau a fiddler?

With a big of tweaking, this would make a good tango…

It sounds like a waltz clog to me. Phillippe Bruneau is a button accordion player.

Re: Hommage A Dorothee

Edited to reinstate all the square brackets, which had mysteriously become + signs at some point in the past 12 years…