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Also known as I Am Waiting For You, Kitty Linnanes, The Leitrim.

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I’m Waiting for You

There are many settings for this tune, but this is what it’s come down to for me. I think I listened the closest to Seamus Connolly when putting it together, but I’m influenced from many other directions as well. I find that, unless I’m the one starting the tune, I have to listen and see how the notes are arranged by whoever’s playing it before I join in.

You mean you wait for them?

Do you play this with “Are You Ready Yet?”

I did follow “Are You Ready Yet” with this tune for a laugh, but it goes nicely actually.

Why am I always waiting for women to get ready?

Hey… nice set. I just tried this: Are You Ready Yet / I’ll Be Waiting for You / Fox on the Town

I’m getting deja vu here, bigtime 🙂

Kerri you could put “Touching Cloth” in there after “Sitting On The Throne”.

*research, research* Hey, wow, you made that exact same joke! Great minds think alike, I guess. :^)

Ha ha, guys. But yeah, Jack, that setting seems pretty close to how Seamus Connolly plays it. Well done for sussing out his version - I imagine the tune was probably written more simply, but Connolly has added extra little rolls and sub-notes to it all over the place.

Jack - you wouldn’t ever fancy trying to submit one ofthe other ones in that set Seamus Connolly’s composition ‘The 13 Arches’, would you?

Setting #2: Billy Clifford

plays “I’m Waiting For You” after “Lomonach Cross” on the album “Ceol as Sliabh Luachra”…

I transcribed it as a mixture of both takes, trying to provide something like his basic melody line, w/ only very few variations shown that appear more than once. (There’s not too much variation anyway, the most cool and significant is the one in bar 13.)
Apart from that, there’s a lot of c/c# changes (always at the same places), which I like very much.

I’m Waiting For You, X:4

This is a version I got from a workshop with Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin in the Catskills IAW some years ago. I’ve tweaked it for the flute.