The Waltz Of Happiness waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Waltz Of Happiness
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
EFG|A2Ac ea|g3c eg|f3Acf|e4(3cBA|
E3F AB|c3B BA|G3G GA|G4Bc|
d3e fa|g4f2|d3c df|e3B Bc|
d3e fa|g2f2a2|c4cd|c4(3AFG|
A2Ac ea|g3c eg|f3A cf|e4(3cBA|
E3F AB|c3B BA|B4Bc|B3 cdf|
b3^a bc'|b2a3f|g3f ga|gf3g2|
a3f de|c4B2|A6|A2z2E2||
d4e2|f2b2a2|g3f ga|gf3g2|
a3f de|c4B2|A6|A2z||

Five comments

The Waltz Of Happiness (waltz)

Source:Button & Bows - “Grace Notes”
Transcription: gmp
Composer: Cliff Hamilton
Note: This tune is not (yet?) part of the Irish tradition,
but belongs rather to Canadian music.

Jim, In that album they play in standard tuning, and this waltz is really in “A”.

The Waltz of Happiness

G’day friends,it’s been quite a while since I’ve been here…. life getting in the way and things like that.
I could do with a bit of happiness at the moment and a friend has asked if I could play this tune with her..It was posted here 12 years ago !! by Gian Marco ( hello mate ).
She’d like me to play Guitar…. would anyone have the chords please.
Seems this is a tune from the Canadian tradition,hope y’all don’t mind my request.
Best wishes from OZ … Charlie

Re: The Waltz Of Happiness

Lovely version of this from Caroline Keane on her album, “Shine”, which is great by the way; even though for this beginner concertina player the key of A is like throwing myself against a wall for hours on end 🙂