Frank & Julie Leahy’s strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: Frank & Julie Leahy's
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A,>cA<G A2 A>B,|A,>cA>G A<A,A,>B,|A,>cA<G A>Bc>A|G>D E/F/G/D/ B,/C/D/B,/ G,>B,:|
A,>ge<d e2 e>g|e>de>g a<AA<B|A>ge<d e>ga<b|g>ed>c B<GG>B,|
A,>ge<d e2 e>g|e>de>g f<d (3dfg|a>ba>g e>dB>A|G>D E/F/G/D/ B,/C/D/B,/ G,>B,|]
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Four comments

I’m assuming that this piece is the same one that is on Natalie MacMaster’s Bluenote?

Source please ~

Basic consideration for your source for this transcript would be appreciated, or at least considerate. I’ve seen this notated elsewhere ‘note-for-note’, which suggests that both notations were gleaned from the same source? Show a little respect and please give your source for this transcription, credit where credit is due…

"Frank and Julie Leahy’s" ~Sourced!

% 5 tunes
% Tunes transcribed from Blueprint (Natalie MacMaster, 2003

X: 2
T: Frank and Julie Leahy’s
R: strahspey
C: Natalie MacMaster
D: Natalie MacMaster, Blueprint, 2003
Z: Paul Stewart Cranford (P.S.C.), <>;
L: 1/8
Q: 300
M: C
K: A Dorian
A,>cA<G A2 A>B, | A,>cA>G A<A,A,>B, |
A,>cA<G A>Bc>A | G>D E/F/G/D/ B,/C/D/B,/ G,>B, :|
A,>ge<d e2 e>g | e>de>g a<AA<B |
A>ge<d e>ga<b | g>ed>c B<GG>B, |
A,>ge<d e2 e>g | e>de>g f<d (3dfg |
a>ba>g e>dB>A | G>D E/F/G/D/ B,/C/D/B,/ G,>B, |]

W: Copyrights - Published by MacMaster Music (SOCAN)

"Frank & Julia Leahy’s" ~ composed by Natalie MacMaster

~ & under copyright, MacMaster Music, SOCAN

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