Three recordings of
The Miller Of Drone
Calum Breugach

The Miller Of Drone (strathspey) is also known as Ellens Fancy Specs, Miller O Drone, Miller O’ Drone, The Miller O’ Drone, Miller O’Dron, The Miller O’Drone, Miller Of Droan, Miller Of Dron.

Calum Breugach (strathspey) is also known as Calam Breugach, Callam Breugach, Callum Breugach, Callumbrauch, Calum Breuagh, Calum Breughach, Calum Brogach, Calum Brouche, Calum Brougach, Calum Crubach, Lying Malcolm, Malcolm The Liar.

At The Stringsmith's Forge by Skyhook

  1. Calum Breugach
  2. Miller Of Drone
  3. Midgefest
  4. Snowing Up The Hill

House Sessions by Brenda Stubbert

  1. Captain Campbell
  2. Calum Breugach
  3. The Miller Of Drone
  4. King George IV
  5. The Old King’s
  6. Timour The Tartar
  7. The Picnic

Live by Blazin' Fiddles

  1. The Miller O’Drone
  2. Morag’s Wedding
  3. Gloomy Winter
  4. The Garron Trotting
  5. Calam Breugach
  6. Colonel Thornton’s
  7. Miss Hettie MacKenzie