Six recordings of Mockingbird Hill

Also known as Blueberry Hill, Life In Finland’s Woods, Life In Finnish Woods, Life In The Finland Woods, Life In The Finn Woods, Life In The Finnish Woods, Livet I Finnskorgarna, Mockin’ Bird Hill, Mocking Bird Hill, Scenes From The Finland Woods, Seven Hops.

This tune has been recorded together with Bell Table, Cascade, The Hawk, The Little Cascade, The Marino, Saturday, Starry Night For A Ramble.

  1. Australian Traditional Dance Tunes, Volume 1 by Wongawilli
  2. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 7 by Matt Cunningham
  3. Down by the Glenside by Eamon Flynn
  4. Hills Of Clare by Joe Fitzgerald
  5. On Home Ground Vol. One by Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
  6. Take The Air by Sean Ryan