Two recordings of
Siobhan O’Donnell’s
McIntyre’s Fancy

Siobhan O’Donnell’s (jig) is also known as The Twin’s Delight.

McIntyre’s Fancy (jig) is also known as Custy’s, John Brady’s, Karen Tweed’s, The Lump Of Pudding, McIntyre’s, The Peacock’s Feather, Siobhan O’Donnell’s, Siobhan O’Donnell’s #2.

Drops Of Springwater by Karen Tweed

  1. Siobhan O’Donnells No 1
  2. Siobhan O’Donnell’s No 2

Pressed for Time by Burning Bridget Cleary

  1. The Black Rogue
  2. McIntyre’s Fancy
  3. The Twin’s Delight