One recording of
The Keel Row
Glengarry’s Dirk

The Keel Row (strathspey) is also known as The Cat, Cat’s Got The Measles, The Cat’s Got The Measles, The Devil’s Fling, Jennie’s Frolics, Johnny When You Die, Keel Row Fling, The Keel Row Fling, The Keel Row Highland, Keelrow, The Keelrow, Kielrow, The Lasses Of Donnybrook, The Rag Row, Smiling Polly, Some Say The Devil Is Dead, Weel May The Keel Row, Weel May The Kiel Row, Well May The World Go, Yorkshire Lad, The Yorkshire Lad.

Glengarry’s Dirk (strathspey) is also known as Biodag Aig Mac Thomais, Biotag Aig MacThomais, Glengarry Dirk, Tha Biodag Aig Mac Thomais, Thompson’s Dirk, Thomson’s Dirk.

On Home Ground Vol. One by Simon Fraser University Pipe Band

  1. The Keel Row
  2. The Keel Row
  3. The Keel Row
  4. Gan Ainm
  5. Gan Ainm
  6. Thompson’s Dirk