One recording of a tune named
The Barren Rocks Of Aden
With a tune named
The Blue Ribbon

The Barren Rocks Of Aden (polka) is also known as Dalaigh’s No. 1, Dan O’Leary’s, Dawley’s, Hey Maw, Will You Buy Me That, Ma, Ma, Will You Buy Me A,, Mama Will You Buy Me A, Momma Won’t Buy Me A Banana,, The Sailor’s.

The Blue Ribbon (polka) is also known as Blue Riband, The Blue Riband, The Blue Ribbon #2, The Blue Ribbon Polkas No. 2, The Blue Ribbon, Maurice O’Keefe’s, Maurice O’Keefe’s No. 1.

The Cat's Rambles by Michael Sheehy

  1. The Weaver’s Delight
  2. Dan O’Leary’s
  3. The Blue Riband