Two recordings of
Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddle
The Nine Pint Coggie

Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddle (reel) is also known as Johnnie Wilmot’s Fiddle, Johnnie Wilmot’s Fiddles, Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddles.

The Nine Pint Coggie (reel) is also known as The 9 Pint Coggie, The Nine Pint Coggle, The Nine Point Coggie.

No Man is an Island by Calum Edmunds

  1. Warlocks
  2. Compliments To Cameron Chisholm
  3. Bog An Lochan
  4. The Tarbolton
  5. Nine Pint Coggie
  6. Keep It Up

Sidewaulk by Capercaillie

  1. Gesto
  2. Keep It Up
  3. Nine Pint Coggie
  4. Pretty Peggy
  5. Maureen Kennelly’s
  6. The Turnpike