The Feakle Fiddle reel

Also known as The Fickle Fiddle Of Fate, The Fickle Fiddle, The Fickle Fiddler, Y Ffidil Anwadal, Y Ffiidilwr Anwadal.

The Feakle Fiddle has been added to 16 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Feakle Fiddle
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GE |:DG G2 BA B/c/d | g3 d ed B/c/d | g2 gd edBG |[1 A3 B AGEG :|[2 A3 B G3 c ||
|: BG G2 AGAB | cB B/c/d cege | d/e/d BG d/e/d BG |[1 A3 B AGEc :|[2 A3 B G2 B/c/d ||
|: g2 bg g2 bg | g2 bg agef | g2 gd edBG |[1 A3 B AG B/c/d :|[2 A3 B G2 EG ||
|: D/E/D BD D/E/D BD | E/F/E cE E/F/E cE | D/E/D BD D/E/D BD |[1 A3 B AGEG :|[2 A3 B GFGE ||
|: DG G2 AGEG | Ac c2 edce |[1 dg g2 agab | c'/b/a bg agec :|[2 dg g2 agec | BAGF G2 |]

Six comments

It’s not like there’s that many five part single reels in the world that there’s not room for another….

This came out of a disagreement or struggle, and I’m not sure who came out the better, an alternate name from this is "The Shight Fiddle" - the pun was intended…

I love the tune! It’s a gorgeous swingy tune as it is ‘c’, but I can’t help wanting to go up again at the beginning of the last part, so that the first 2 bars of the last part go:

|:gede ~g3b|~a3b agea|…

But then I suppose it defeats the point of the last part which is to rise up from the bottom in a big swell. Nevertheless, I still feel a lift after the end of that low 4th part to take it to the end of the tune…

Hmmmm? - the gamma rays are getting through and affecting things again… I’ll give your idea a spin. It may take some getting used to before I can know what I think… So, you’re saying - put the dénouement on the first page of the fifth and final chapter instead of up to it reaching that peak a few pages on?

"- instead of ‘leading’ up to it -"
Damn gamma radiation…

Grumbling lows ~ 😉

I’d forgotten to say, for those instruments capable, the 4th part can also dip down ~

|: D/E/D B,D D/E/D B,D | E/F/E CE E/F/E CE | D/E/D B,D D/E/D B,D |[1 A,3 B, A,G,EG, :|[2 A,3 B, G,3 E ||