What’s The Craic? reel

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X: 1
T: What's The Craic?
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
ABEF A3B|ceed cBA2|GADE GFGA|BedB e2dB:|
AeeA fAeA|AeeA fAeA|dedB GABG|DEGB eBdB|
AeeA fAeA|AeeA fAeA|dedB GABd|gedB e2dB:|

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What’s The Craic? (reel)

written by me.
BTW… what’s The craic?

"craic" is Irish for "a good time". (Although Zina will insist it’s just an Irish spelling of the English word "crack", which is a loud snapping noise or fissure, and not a good time.)

You can use it as a substitute for fun, I suppose, but you have to say "*That was good* craic last night" and not "*I had* craic last night." (Especially if you spell it Zina’s way.)

Hang on, are you asking what ‘the craic’ is, or are you asking "what’s the craic?"

Oh, I’m terribly confused…

Kerri, thanks for the explanation,
but I know what the craic is, Thanks , I was just asking "what’s the craic?"

Hahahaha! Next time someone says "what’s the craic?" to me at a session, I must remember to reply "well actually ‘craic’ is Irish for ‘a good time’ and may be substituted for the word ‘fun’" LOL!

Maybe gian means "How’s the Craic"?

"What’s the craic?" or "How’s the craic?" mean the same. Or not?

"How’s the craic?" doesn’t make sense to me, but perhaps it would to an Irish person. I’ve heard people all over the UK and Ireland say "what’s the crack?" - I’ve used it since my schooldays to mean something like "what’s up?" or "what’s the goss?".

I suppose if you’re talking about a session you could ask someone "how’s the craic?", meaning "is it a fun session in terms of atmosphere and people having a laugh?".

How’s the cra** presupposes that you are having some of it right now, but what’s the cr** suggests that the cr** might be somewhere else or hasn’t quite started.
Anyway I think I grew up more with the "How" than the "Why", but it is so long ago now that I can’t be sure of anything except the cr** was mighty in Sydney last weekend and I am still recovering after sleep deprivation, alcohol and flights.

I’ve got another weekend of it just about to start, tomorrow night and then the Sunday again! If you lived in Sydney you’d have to get used to the pace, Donough 🙂

What’s the crack, at least where I come from, has the same sense as Dow mentioned, i.e. "What’s up?" or even just "How are you?". It’s really just a shortened form of "What’s the crack with you?"

You can use it with "how", "what", and "where", but not "who", "why", and "when".

(but to answer gian’s original question, "What’s the craic?", I suppose the craic right now is discussing what the craic is.)

You can use when … e.g. arrive at a quiet, empty session pub, dander up to the bar and say to yer man behind, "How’s she cuttin’, hoss? When’s the crack?" "She’s cuttin’ quare’n low there, big lad. We might be suckin’ diesel in an hour or so. Park yer hole on thon sate there and have a wee jar to keep ‘er steady!"

Alright, then, so here’s a question. If the Irish word "craic" is just an Irish spelling of the English word "crack", what is the REAL Irish word for "fun"? (Ie. what were they smoking before the English brought the crack in?)