Murdo’s Wedding hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Murdo's Wedding
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
ec|A>A AB A2 (ce)|a2 fd e4|A>A AB A2 (ce)|f>e dc B2 (ec)|
A>A AB A2 (ce)|a2 fd e4|a2 (fd) e2 (dB)|A4 A4|
a2 (fd) e2 A2|a2 fd e4|A>A AB A2 (ce)|f>e dc B2 (ec)|
A>A AB A2 (ce)|a2 fd e4|a2 (fd) e2 (dB)|A4 A2z2|
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Gard, I’m not sure this is a hornpipe. A friend of mine plays it on the accordion - and I’m pretty sure it’s a march in 2/4. It’s often heard in Scotland (at least where I am).

This is a tune that has been played for many years as a 4/4 pipe march. Many of these type of tunes lend themselves to re arrangement. Slainte.

When you submit a tune, you have to choice which tune type it is.
It isn’t "March" there. I know it’s a march.

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A pipe march written by Gavin Stoddart I think

Murdo’s Wedding

Perthshire fiddler Ian Powrie played it as a retreat march (alongside "Loch Maree" and "Ian Powrie’s Compliments to Sir Thomas Wardle"). On that album ("His Fiddle and his Friends, 1975) it is marked as trad, but that’s no guarantee. I’ve heard other bands play it as a straight march.

Re: Murdo’s Wedding

Gavin Stoddart even