Two recordings of
The Old Crossroads
The Halting

The Old Crossroads (march) is also known as The Auld Cross, Doon The Brae, Down The Brae, Down The Braes, Down The Brea, Down The Glen, The Old Cross March, The Old Crossroads March, The Old Crossroads, Rocks Of Brae, The Rocks Of Brae, Síos An Gleann.

The Halting (march) is also known as My Father’s Story, The Pikeman, The Pikeman’s March, The Pikeman’s, Sgéal M’Athar.

Cosa Gan Bhroga by Eithne Ni Uallachain, Gerry O'Connor, Desi Wilkinson

  1. The Pikeman’s
  2. Down The Glen

Long Time, No See by Shane McAleer

  1. Pikeman’s
  2. Down The Glen