The Portland hornpipe

Also known as The Five Portlands.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Portland
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|: A>G |(3EFG A>B c>Bc>d | e>d (3dBG g2 a>b | a>gg>e d>BG>A | (3BcB A>G G>ED>G |
(3EFG A>B c>Bc>d | e>d (3dBG g2 a>c' | b>ag>e d>Bg>G | B>AA>^G A2 :|
|: A/B/c/d/ |e>^de>c A>ce>c | d>B (3GAB d2 e>d | c>AE>A c>AE>d | B>GD>G B2 A/B/c/d/ |
e>^de>c A>ce>g | d>g (3FGA B2 e>d | c>Ae>A B>Gd>B |[1 B>AA>^G A2 :|[2 B>AA>^G A2- ||
|: A>B |c>ea>e c>ea>e | d>B (3GAB d2 e>d | c>AE>A c>AE>A | B>Gd>G e>Gf>G |
c>ea>e c>ea>e | d>B (3GAB d2 e>d | c>ea>e B>dg>d |[1 B>AA>^G A2- :|[2 B>AA>^G A2 |]

Three comments

Ouch! - don’t beat it to death, damn that midi makes it sound choppy. This has that hornpipe swing but with a nice relaxed flow to it rather than how the software interprets it. Most of us will have enough hornpipes under our belts to carry it off.

That was a surprise, suddenly this is listed again. I found old notes of mine and I had first called this simply "The Portland Hornpipe", well, on of the names it had back then. Someone said there already was a "Portland Hornpipe" so I jigged it later as "The Five Portlands" ~ and variants of that… I decided simplicity is best and gave it one of its earliest incarnations and "POOF!", it shows up anew in 2005… Strange…

It seems I’ve forgotten to say this is one of mine, concerned with a ‘parting’…a way to say farewell and with respect, or "Thanks for all the fish!"