Tom Martin’s reel

Also known as Ríl Tom Martin.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tom Martin's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
eA A2 eAfA | Bdef gfec | dG G2 BGdG | Bdef g2 fg |
eA A2 eAfA | Bdef g2 fg | aged edBA | GABG A2 Bd :|
ea a2 ba a2 | baab aged | eg g2 ag g2 | agga gedg |
ea a2 ba a2 | baaf g2 eg | aged edBA | GABG A2 Bd :|
e3 f edBA | Bdef gfec | dG G2 BGdG | Bdef g2 ag |
eA A2 eAfA | Bdef g2 fg | aged edBA |1 GABG A2 Bd :|2 GABG A4 ||
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Tom Martin’s

No idea who he is/was, although we do have a concertina player by that name in the sessions here in Aberdeen. In 1980, one-time contributer "ptarmigan" and myself made a memorable trip to the London Irish Festival. We met up with John Skelton, who introduced us to another London flute player, who I think was called Chris Ferguson. He played this tune for us that afternoon, after a lunchtime concert. The only other time I’ve come across it was when it was recorded by Donncha O’Brien, and I was reminded of it when his LP was posted in the "Recordings" section last week. Echoes of either "The Swallowtail" or the "Maids Of Mount Cisco", I’d say, but a fine reel which deserves to be played more.

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Tom Martin in question was a fiddle player. Born in Corlea, Co. Cavan in 1897 and eventualy moved to Dublin in the 1930’s.
Married Cathrine O’Brien who was an aunt of Dinny O’Brien, father of Donncha.