Two recordings of
The Longford Tinker
The Morning Dew

The Longford Tinker (reel) is also known as The Concert Flute, The Furze Bush, Jenny Bang The Weaver, Jinnie Bang The Weaver, Longford Beggar Woman, The Longford Spinster, The Longford Weaver, The Longford, Tincear Longphoirt, The Whin Bush.

The Morning Dew (reel) is also known as Drúcht Na Maidne, Giorria Sa BhFraoch, The Hare Among The Heather, The Hare In The Heather, Sundew.

Capel Street by James Kelly

  1. Hare In The Heather
  2. Longford Beggar Woman
  3. Captain Rock

Toss The Fiddles by Various Artists

  1. That’s Right Too
  2. The Morning Dew
  3. Gan Ainm
  4. The Longford Tinker