Two recordings of
The Gold Ring
The Frieze Breeches

The Gold Ring (jig) is also known as An Fáinne Óir, An Fáinne Ór, An Faire, Fainne Oir, The Golden Ring.

The Frieze Breeches (jig) is also known as Connla, Cunla, The Friar’s Breeches, The Friar’s Britches, Friars Britches, The Frieze Breetches, The Frieze Britches, Fry’s Britches, Gallagher’s, La San Sean, Ba Chraite An Mhaidin I’, The Old Frieze Britches.

The Piping Centre 1998 Recital Series - Volume 1 by Brian Lamond & Richard Parks

  1. The Friars Britches
  2. Johnny The Tree Wrecker
  3. The Gold Ring
  4. The Old Wife Of The Milldust

The Trip Over The Mountain by Michael Queally And Cyril O'Donoghue

  1. The Walls Of Liscarroll
  2. The Frieze Britches
  3. The Gold Ring