Mynydd Yr Heliwr jig

Also known as The Hunter’s Mountain, The Huntsmans Mountain.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Mynydd Yr Heliwr
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
a3|e3 a3|ged edB|c3 ABc|fag fed|
a3 e3|a3 ged|edB c3|ace dBG|A2 A:|
ABA c2 d|e3 ABc|BAG Ace|a3 ged|
edB c3|ace dBG|A3 A3:|
X: 2
T: Mynydd Yr Heliwr
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
e3 B2e|dBA BAF|GFG EGB|c2d cBA|
e3 B2e|dBA BAF|GFG EGB|AGF E3:|:

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this tune is Welsh and is really nice played slighty slower than you would normaly play a jig

Just in case anyone is wondering, assymetric part lengths (as in this tune) isn’t unusual outside the Irish tradition.

Two Questions -

Does anyone know what the name means? And is this more like a march / jig rather than a straight Jig. It is an intersting sounding and playing piece of music.

I forgot to say the name means “The Huntsmans Mountain”

I have to wonder how accurate this transcription is

As given, this is tune downright weird! First part makes much more sense in 9/8, but the second part defies rhythmic regularity to a degree where I have to wonder how accurate this transcription is. What was the source for this tune? Don’t know much Welsh, but I believe mountain is spelled mynedd.

Mynydd yr Heliwr:

- played as a set by the Welsh group ‘Ar Log’ on “Yma O Hyd” (with Dafydd Iwan:

Hoffedd Gwilym/Mynydd yr heliwr

Pronunciation guide - Mynydd:
fist ‘y’ as ‘uh’
second ‘y’ as ‘i’ (as in ‘it’)
final ‘dd’ as ‘th’ (as in ‘the’, aspirated)

yr: ‘y’ as the first example above…

‘e’ is an ‘a’ sound in Welsh (as in ‘hey’ or ‘hay’)
‘i’ as a long ‘e’ (’Eek!)
and finally ‘w’ which is a long ‘o’ (‘Ooh!’, or ‘door’
‘r’ - roll it…
Now I’ll check out the tune and transcriptions since you’ve attracted my attention ‘ffidylguy’.

Oops, missed a tune -
Track 16 from “Yma O Hyd” (loosely translated as “We’re Still Here” - moving song by Dafydd Iwan):
Hoffter Gwilym/Mynydd Yr Heliwr/Nans O’r Felin

I learnt this tune from Cass Meurig and this his how she spelt the title and wrote it down

What’s in a name?

No one says that being Welsh means you can spell. ‘Mynrod’ is nonsense, doesn’t exist as far as I and the native Welsh speakers I knock around with, North, South and Central. However, ‘Mynydd’ does and means mountain. It’s ‘yr’ before an open sound, meaning a vowel, and ‘H’ and ‘W’ are party to that rule, and it is followed whether written or spoken, not just some ‘formal’ thingamajig for conventions sake. Now back to more nonsense, though phonetically close if it was ‘English’ we were talking about, there ain’t no ‘Helior’ in Welsh. There is a ‘Heliwr’ - hunter (non-sexist)/huntsman… Why should men own the activity or the mountain? I would also think that ‘Ar Log’ and Dafydd Iwan have a reasonable hand on the language and the tradition and are due respect in this case, as well as for all else they’ve done for the good of Cymru/Wales, the language and culture…

- composed by Stephen Rees of Ar Log - - -

Cass has been contacted and disavows ever having spelled it in this way. As ‘the source’ puts it, yn Saes/in English - “no way!”…

“Mynydd Yr Heliwr” with other tunes was published in a tunebook of Ar Log’s that is now out of print…

Good on you SnowyOwl…

I’ve also heard it called “Marwnad Yr Heliwr” the “Hunter’s Elegy” whatever that may mean. Good tune though

Oops, no sorry, that’s a different tune!

Unless I have missed it, nobody has yet mentioned that this tune is a composition of Stephen Rees, multi-instrumentlaist (fiddle, whistle, pibgorn, piano accordion) with the band Crasdant, and late of Ar Log.

Round these parts, it gets played as a straight 32-bar jig, in E Dorian:

X: 1
T: Mynydd Yr Heliwr
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Edor
e3 B2e | dBA BAF | GFG EGB | c2d cBA |
e3 B2e | dBA BAF | GFG EGB | AGF E3 :|:
EGB e2e | dBA BAF | GFG EGB | AGF E3 :|

Re: Mynydd Yr Heliwr

Sorry, I was trying to add a comment for a different Welsh tune and it appears that comments can not be deleted.

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Re: Mynydd Yr Heliwr

Trying to find the G major tune which often follows this in sessions. It is a lovely scrunchy join and I can play and know both, but cannot for the life of me remember the name of the second tune.