Vivement Vendredi reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Vivement Vendredi
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:"Bm"B,DFA Bcde|"G"efed "A"cedc|"Bm"BdcB "F#m"A3B|"A"c/d/edB "A"cAFA|
"Bm"B,DFA "Bm"Bcde|"G"efed "A"cedc|"Bm"BdcB "A"ABcA|1 "Bm"B2AcB4:|2 "Bm"B2Ac Bcde||
|:"D"effe "D"fecd|"A"e2ef "A"ecBA|"Bm"FB~B2 "G"GBde|"D"efed "A"cdeA|
"D"f2fe "D"fecd|"A"e2ef "A"ecBA|"Bm"FB~B2 "G"GBgf|1 "A"eacA "Bm"Bcde:|2 "A"eacA "Bm"B4||
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Three comments

Vivement vendredi

My first tune composed on bouzouki.
We recorded the tune as a slow reel with two french bands :
Ceol : "The last order" (ref. EDMI 01) and Djal : "Nuits blanches" (ref. MTD 0019)
The second voice on the CDs was composed with Sylvain Barou (flute player).

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This is a nice tune! I’ll have to modify that B, in the A part in order to get it to fit on the pipes, but I think this tune will find it’s way into my repertoire.