Galician Muiñeira jig

Also known as Galician Jigs, Galician Muiniera, Galician Muinieras, Muiñeira.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Galician Muiñeira
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:d|ded B2 d|ded A2 d|ded fed|cBA B2 G|
ded B2 d|ded A2 d|DFA DF/G/A|cBA G2:|
|:d|ded fed|cde d2 B|ded fed|cc/B/A B2 G|
ded fed|cBA B2 d|ded ff/e/d|cBA G2:|

Sixteen comments

As we seem to be being particularly international lately, Norwegian, Italian and even English country dance music from way back when, well, why not this little number for ‘Dzoni’ and his upcoming Spanish sojourn…

Galician muineiras


Possibly in another key and learned first from a young pair of Gallician musicians who were travelling through and stopped in the buzz a session I was in - with pipes, tambourine and Gallician tunes mixed in with the rest… I wish I had a better memory or had a recording device with me at the time. The tambourine playing was amazing, as was the piping. I later came across the same tune at ‘EuroJams’ with Clarinet playing and internationalist Richard Robinson and with others, but I haven’t seen this one in his massive tune collection.

Someone referred to it merely as a ‘Galician Jig’. Let me check - - - (time passes) - - - a version of it was found here, someone else who was party to such sessions and author of a fine online introduction to ABC notation, Steve Mansfield, same key, X.82:

Saltarello - as a longer Italian tune?!

It is possible that time and several hands reduced this to a standard 32 bars. David Meredith, ‘Jocklet’, has put a longer version of at least a close relative, which ever way on the hereditary ladder, at the link given. The one here is as I scribbled it down onto a beer coaster and later into a notebook. While it was played by a Galician pair, good tunes to get around and are borrowed. For me it does have an ‘Italian’ feeling about it, but I do not play enough Italian or Galician to be ‘expert’ on this issue, so I’m only saying that as a ‘gut feeling’… It’s a fun tune however you take it, small or large, Italian or Galician… Maybe we can shake out a few folk from those areas to comment on it either way…

That tune sounds very Italian.

Key tune

It´s a well known muiñeira but we used to play in key o D or C major.

Bar lines

The bar lines are half a bar wrong. The tune sounds very odd with the accent on the first beat as written.