Toss The Fiddles reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Toss The Fiddles
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"G"DGBG dGBG|1 "D7"cAFA "G"G2 "D7"(3DEF:|2 "D7"cAFA "G"G2 "D7"(3def||
|:"G"g2dg Bgdg|"C"egcg egcg|"D(sus4)"fgdg fg"(B7)"df|
"Em"gabg "D7"agdf|"G"g2dg Bgdg|"C"egcg egcg|
"D(sus4)"fgdg fg "D7"(3def|1 "G"g2"D"f2 "G"g2 "D7"(3def:|2 "G"g4 "G"g2 "D7"(3B_BA||

Five comments

Toss The Fiddles

Liked this tune name from the big list posted afew weeks ago, and this tune is bloody hard on the fiddle, so what better name than Toss The Fiddles?!

Complete with chords. The chords in brackets are optional but it is good to use these and stray from the three chord monotony. The Dsus4 in the second part really hepls build the tune up, sort of adding a bit of tension. I am very happy with the tune, and if anybody manages to perfect this tune on the fiddle give me a shout! Could do with a hand on bowing.



Toss The Fiddles correction

Sorry folks but the very last bar should actually be:

|2 “G”g4 “G”g2 “D7”(3B_BA||

The ABC has been updated but unfortunetaly the Sheetmusic and MIDI file haven’t. Enjoy!

Toss Em!

Cool tune, very exciting!

Dsus4 in Part B

So GK, my ear wants to hear something different in the 3rd and 7th measures of the second half. Like: |fada fadf| and on into |gabg agef|.

Did you avoid that “a” intentionally (because it would be something of a cliche with the notes I’ve given)?

As for bowing, this is fairly standard bluegrass cross bowing, and the patterns aren’t far removed from how an Irish fiddler might bow Pinch of Snuff. I’ll try to post some thoughts soon.

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Re: Dsus4 in Part B

Not really intentional, but yes it does avoid the cliche of |fada fadf|.