The Inverness Fiddler strathspey

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X: 1
T: The Inverness Fiddler
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:B2 (B>c) (d>e) (f>g)|(af) (ed) (c>B) A>c|B2 (B>c) (d>e) (f>g)|(af) (e>c) B2 f2:|
|:B2 (B>c) d>e f>d|(c>B)(A>B) (c>d) (e>c)|B2 (B>c) (d>e) (f>g)|(af) (e>c) B2 f2:|
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The Inverness Fiddler

It sounds like “The Ale is Dear.” Where does it come from?

Please please don’t be one of those people who submits tunes without comments. It’s really impersonal I think. The point of this site is personal attachment to the tunes rather than just dots on a screen. Why don’t you tell us who gave you the tune, maybe how you like to play it or ornament it etc, anything.

It could be about a fiddler from Inverness, Scotland or Inverness, Cape Breton. There’s actually a few towns called Inverness in Canada and the States but only one of me from Inverness, Scotland. 🙂

Hear, hear…..

I’d like to agree with and support “Dow’s” comments above - please give us information about the tune you submit, there’s always more to it than just the “dots”. Every tune has to be learned from a source, be it another musician, a recording or even a book, unless it’s your own composition, in which case there’s no excuse. This is a plea to ALL contributers.

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I know that there’s a tune by the late Bert Murray “The Inverness Fiddlers” which I think is a reel. I’ll try to find out and let you know.

Pipe major George S McLean

I’ve checked ABC Tunefinder and this tune appears to have been composed by Pipe Major George S McLean.
There is a Bert Murray tune too which I’ll try to find.

Sorry Kenny

The name is George S McLennan. I did know but I typed in the wrong name by mistake. Kenny, you would know the name was Pipe Major George S McLennan, I’m sure. 🙂

You learn something every day

No apology required john, I hadn’t heard of this one. “GS” was a fairly prolific composer.But I wish the person who posted it would tell us whom or where he/she got it from.

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It comes from Inverness, in Scotland, since I got the sheet music first of Inverness Fiddlers.

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He, thanks!

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