The Man From Skye hornpipe

By Donald MacLeod

Also known as The Man From Sky, The Wee Man From Skye, The Wee Man.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Man From Skye
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:B<d|e2 (e>d) d>e e>d|B>e e>d B2 A2|G>G G<B G2 B2|G>B B<d B2 d2|
e2 (e>d) d>e e>d|B>e e>d B2 (AG)|A>A A>B e2 d<B|A4 A<A:|
|:(B<d)|e2 g2 a2 e>f|g>f e<d B2 A2|G>G G<B G2 B2|G>B B<d B2 D2|
[1 e>f g<e a2 A<a|g>f e<d B2 A<G|A>A A>B e2 d<B|A4 A>A:|
[2 e2 e>d d>e e>d|B>e e>d B2 (A<G)|A>A A>B e2 d<B|A4 A<A||
|:(B<d)|e2 A2 A2 B<d|(e<g) (e>d) B2 (A<B)|d2 G<G (B>A) B<G|(B<d) (G>d) B2 d2|
e2 A<A (B>A) B<d|(e<g) (d<e) B2 (A<G)|A>A A>B e2 (d<B)|A4 A>A:|
|:(B<d)|e2 (e>d) e2 (e>f)|g>f e<g B2 A2|G>G G<B G2 B2|G>B B>d B2 d2|
[1 e2 (e>d) e2 (e>f)|g>f e<g B2 A<G|A>A A>B e2 (d<B)|A4 A<A:|
[2 e2 A<A (B>A) B<d|(e<g) (d<e) B2 (A<G)|A>A A<B e2 (d<B)|A4 A<A||
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Six comments

Wee Man

Also known as “The Wee Man From Skye” - [ never “Sky”, because the name of the island ends in an “e”]. Another composition by Pipe Major Donald McLeod, and it’s a hornpipe, not a strathspey.

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Thanks for the info, Kenny, and I always used to think that my satellite TV programmes came from Portree. 🙂

It’s very schottischey for a hornpipe.

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The reason for that comment, John, was that someone has entered an alternative title as “The Man From Sky”, which is utter cobblers. You’re right, Dow, it is quite often played at ceildihs for dancing schottisches.

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Re “ Utter cobblers“

Yes, Kenny. I agree. I notice too that there are loads of tunes in the “request section” with ridiculous titles but they are already in the database under their correct names. I had thought of adding these alternative titles to “tie them up” but I’ve resisted as I feel that they are not genuine alternative names and I’d rather not mislead anyone.

Wee Man

have always played this in 2/4 time

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