The Lovers’ waltz

By Jay Ungar, Molly Mason

Also known as The Lover’s, The Lovers’.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Lovers'
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGB|"G"d3 d BG|"C"E3 D CB,|"G"(D6|D3) D GB|"G"d3 d BG|"C"E3 D CB,|
"Am"(D6|"D7"D3) D EG|"Am"A3 G AB|"C"A G3 ED|"G"(D6|D3) D EG|
"C"A3 G AB|"Am"A G3 ED|"D"(d4 d)e|d4 GF|"G"G4 GF|"Am7"G4 GF|
"G"G3 G GF|"C"G2 c3 B|"G"G4 GF|"Em"G4 ED|"Am"(E4 E)D/E/|"D7"D4 GF|
"C"E3 F G2|"D"F2 G2 A2|"Em"B3 c BA|G4 GF|"C"E2 F2 G2|
"D7"A2 G3F|1 "G"(G6|G3):|2 "G"G6|A3|
|:Adf|"D"a3 a fd|"G"B3 A GF|"D"(A6|A3) A df|"D"a3 a fd|"G"B3 A GF|
"Em"(A6|"A7"A3)A Bd|"Em"e3 d ef|"G"e d3 BA|"D"(A6|A3) A Bd|
"G"e3 d ef|"Em"e d3 BA|"A"(a4 a)b|a4 dc|"D"d4 dc|"Em7"d4 dc|
"D"d3 d dc|"G"d2 g3 f|"D"d4 dc|"Bm"d4 BA|"Em"(B4 B)A/B/|"A7"A4 dc|
"G"B3 c d2|"A"c2 d2 e2|"Bm"f3 g fe|d4 dc|"G"B2 c2 d2|"A7"e2 d3 c|"D"(d6|d3):|
X: 2
T: The Lovers'
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGB|d4 BG|E3 D CB,|(D6|D3) D GB|d4 BG|E3 D CB,|
A,2 B,2 ^c,2|D2 E2 G2|A3 G AB|A G3 ED|(D6|D3) D EG|
A3 G AB|A G3 ED|(d4 d)e|d3 A GF|G3 C GF|G3 C GF|
G3 C GF|G2 c3 B|G4 GF|G4 ED|B,2 E3 D|D4 GF|
E3 F G2|F2 G2 A2|B3 c BA|(G4 G)F|E2 F2 G2|
A2 G3F|1 G6|FG F2 D2:|2 G6|(A3|
|:A)df|a3 a fd|B3 A GF|(A6|A3) A df|a3 a fd|B3 A GF|
E2 F2 G2|A2 B2 d2|e3 d ef|e d3 BA|(A6|A3) A Bd|
e3 d ef|e d3 BA|(a4 a)b|a3 e dc|d3 e dc|d3 e dc|
d3 e dc|d2 g3 f|d4 dc|d4 BA|(B4 B)A/B/|A4 dc|
B3 c d2|c2 d2 e2|f3 g fe|d4 dc|B2 c2 d2|e2 d3 [1 c|(d6|d3):|2 b6|fd gf dA|G2 F2|

Eleven comments

Lovers Waltz

Heard this on Radio na Gaeltachta over the weekend, thought it was a beautiful waltz and discovered it hadnt been added here yet.
By Jay Ungar and Molly Mason I think?

Yeah, one of my favorites

I got to hear Jay and Molly perform this live in Sackets Harbor a few years ago, and it is quite spectacular. He’s recorded it on one of their Ashokan CD’s, and I really liked how he put it together. You play it twice through in G major, and then play it a third time in D major. Makes a nice finish if you walk up to a D above the staff and give just a twitch of vibrato. My aunt and I have been playing it like this ever since, and it is a guaranteed sigh at the end. Happy fiddling!


Lovers Waltz

If you liked Jay and Molly’s version of this song, you might appreciate the first version I heard as well.
It was done in 1998 by local musicians in Louisiana, by the names of Lee Benoit and Mark Hebert. I believe it was very well done.
Clips can be heard at leebenoit dot com

Lovers Waltz

The first version I heard was by my favorite Cajun band, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. You can find it on their CD, "Trace of Time" from Rounder Records. It’s a very sweet twin-fiddle performance.

I’ve had some fun playing this tune on flute, as well.. Just beautiful …

Lover’s Waltz

A lovely tune which I have arranged for solo guitar in DADGAD in the key of D.

Lovers’ Waltz

For the record Molly Mason and I wrote this one together. We’re happy that people are enjoying playing it and dancing to it. English majors will affirm that the apostrophe belongs to the right of the letter S, unless one lover is waltzing alone. (Jay Ungar)

Re: Lovers’

I just added the Recording by Jay & Molly, containing not one, but two different recordings of the Lovers’ Waltz. The second is an extended version, starting with piano and then blending in fiddle (at one point it sounds like even two of them).

Re: The Lovers’

I also meant to add that when he plays 1st part ,2nd time , he ornaments/changes a little and I have not notated this as played nor have I included the lead in /fill in bars he plays in 2nd part ,2nd time.