The Miller O’ Hirn strathspey

By James Scott Skinner

Also known as Miller O’Hirn, Miller Of Heirn, The Miller Of Hirn, The Miller’s Highland Fling.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Miller O' Hirn
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2 d>B A<F E>D|B,2 E>D B<D A,>B,|D2 d>B A<F E>D|1 B,>D C>E F<D D>C:|2 B,>D C>E F<D D>B||
|:A<F F>A B<G G>A|G<E E>d c<A A>B|A<F F>A B<G G>A|(3Bcd (3efg f<d d>B|
A<F F>A B<G G>A|G<E E>d c<A A>c|(3dAB (3cde (3fde (3fga|(3bag (3fed (3cBA (3GFE||
X: 2
T: The Miller O' Hirn
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D>E F<B A<F D2|B,>E G/F/E/D/ C<A,A,>C|D>E F<B A<F D2|B,>D C<A F<D D2:|
A>G F<d B<G G2|B>A ^G<e c<AA>B|A>G F<d B>A G<B|c>B B<a f<dd>B|
A>G F<d B<G G2|B>A ^G<e c<AA>c|(3dAB (3cde (3fde (3fga|(3bag (3fed (3cBA (3GFE|D4||

Twenty-three comments

This is from the Andy McGann/Paddy Reynolds album; I noticed we don’t have many tunes from that album done. The second part seems to be lifted from another strathspey, or rather I should say, schottische (what’s the differnce, anyways? hehe,) the name of which I can’t remember. But I know it’s the third tune O’Donnel plays on Milestone at the Garden.

Wrong recording

Sorry, scratch that last remark. It’s the Brian Conway album of which I’m thinking. He plays a tune very like this -could be a version of it- in D, and he calls it Jimmy Lyons.

It’s too early for me, hehe

Another mistake. Conway plays it in A, and as a highland.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that has running conversations with myself on this site. Thanks for contributing an old friend, and reminding my of my neglect there. I’m going to have to find one of the several versions of this I have knocking around inside my head and about the place here as a ‘Highland’. I’ll be back with one of those…and alternate names as I come across any… Hopefully the way of Dow will find himself here, and Kenny, who will both, I’ve no doubt, have something to contribute, and maybe Conan too…

Yes, as I said above, it might be another version of Jimmy Lyons. But on the other hand, I’ve run into tunes that are so similar, I thought they were the same, only to be told, no. This might be one of those cases. Not sure.


Where did “Herin” come from? I think you mean “Hirn”, which is near Banchory, 18 miles from Aberdeen. The mill’s been converted into a recording studio, where “The Old Blind Dogs” have made some of their recordings. Don’t know who the miller was though. Given its’ location, this tune may have something to do with Scott Skinner, but I’m not certain about that.

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Thanks Kenny, the ‘Herin’ confused me as I’ve heard this one pronounced as ‘Hirn’ but had misspelled it ‘Hearn’…

Album notes

Funny thing. I thought it was heirn, but when i looked again, i saw that the album notes said “herin.” Could be a typo. Your suggestion makes sense, I’ll assume you’re right.

Wrong note

oops, typo. That b in the second measure should be a low B (on the G string for fiddles.)

John Johnston ~ the very man, “The Miller of Hirn”

“John Johnston, the Miller of Hirn, inspired one of Skinner’s best known strathspeys. The Miller was a friend of Skinner’s father. Skinner also wrote strathspeys dedicated to the Miller’s wife and son.”

a newspaper cutting ~ “The People’s Journal, Dundee”
14th of April 1923, author unknown…

Correction made

It should say “Hirn” now. I think WMP gave me the wrong title when I put the CD on my computer.

Good un yuh m_gavin. Now, could you just sweep out the detritus in the ‘alternate titles’ bit… Damn, I must be associating with too many Ozzies. We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz… Actually, I’m caught up in another of those damned lung bugs and it has me in a state of flu intoxication…cough, cough, cough…and everything’s sounding Phrygid to me lately… 😉

So, does that mean ‘Ozzies’ are some species of Munchkin?

“The Miller O’ Hirn”

K: G Major
|: >F |
(3GGG g>e d2 B*G | E>AA>G E*GD>E |
(3GAG g*e d>BA>G | E>GF>A B*GE> :|
|: >c |
B*GG>d e*cc>B | c*AA>e f*dd>^c |
1 d*GB>d e*cc>d | (3ee/f/g a>f g*GG> :|
2 (3dGB (3dga (3bag (3c’ba | (3gg/f/e (3def g*GG> ||

‘*’ = the ‘less than’ sign = ‘snap’

Ceolachan’s version above

… edited to include the <s which are now allowable in the comments. This is for those (like me) who like to cut and paste such things into ABC converters. One odd thing, though: the first triplet of the 2nd ending of the B part converts the d to a sixteenth note (semiquaver). Not sure why!

X: 1
T: Miller O’ Hirn, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: Highland
K: G Major
|: >F |\
(3GGG g>e d2 B<G | E>AA>G E<GD>E |
(3GAG g<e d>BA>G | E>GF>A B<GE> :|
|: >c |\
B<GG>d e<cc>B | c<AA>e f<dd>^c |
[1 d<GB>d e<cc>d | (3ee/f/g a>f g<GG> :|
[2 (3dBG (3dga (3bag (3c’ba | (3gg/f/e (3def g<G G> ||

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Curious! 😎

Oh!!! 😲 ~ 😉

Possibly? 😏 Try this old friend - - -

X: 2
T: Miller O’ Hirn, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: highland fling
K: GMaj
|: F/ |\
(3GGG g>e d2 B<G | E>AA>G E<GD>E |
(3GAG g<e d>BA>G | E>GF>A B<GE3/ :|
|: c/ |\
B<GG>d e<cc>B | c<AA>e f<dd>^c |
[1 d<GB>d e<cc>d |[1 (3ee/f/g a>f g<GG3/ :|
[2 (3dBG (3dga (3bag (3c’ba | (3gg/f/e (3def g<GG3/ |]

There are probably some other hold overs scattered in site from the time when a snap - ‘<’ - caused everything after it to disappear…

Re: The Miller O’ Hirn

This tune is not the Miller of Hirn, or rather the 2nd part is similar but the first part is quite different. The University of Aberdeen has digitised all of Scott Skinner’s collections and also includes links to audio of Skinner playing the tune himself (see

The Miller O’ Hirn, X2

This is the tune as written. Regarding Niall’s comment I think version X1 above is the same tune but quite radically altered in a couple of places in the first half.