Five recordings of
Redican’s Mother
The Humours Of Derrycrossane

Redican’s Mother (slip jig) is also known as The Black Haired Lass, The Blackhaired Lass, Cnoic Aiteannach Liadroma, Cnoic Aitinne Liatroma, The Fisherman’s Lilt, The Fisherman’s, Larry Redican’s, Larry Redican’s Mother, Leitrim Town, Liam Kelly’s, Ryan’s, The Whinney Hills Of Leitrim, The Whinney Hills, The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim, The Whinny Hills.

The Humours Of Derrycrossane (slip jig) is also known as The Humours Of Derrycrissane, The Humours Of Derrycrosane, The Humours Of Derrykissane, The Humours Of Derrykissanne, The Humours Of Derrykrosane, Lucy Casey, The Humors Of Derrycrossane.

Draíocht na Feadóige by Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha

  1. Redican’s Mother
  2. Humours Of Derrycrossane
  3. Sir Philip McHugh

Ego Trip by MacDara Ó Raghallaigh

  1. Redican’s Mother
  2. The Humours Of Derrykissane
  3. Sir Phillip McHugh

The Blue-eyed Rascal by Siún

  1. Black Haired Lass
  2. I’ve A House Of My Own With A Chimney On Top
  3. The Humours Of Derrycrossane

The Rolling Wave - A new Generation Of Uilleann Pipers by Various Artists

  1. The Humours Of Derrykissane
  2. Ryan’s

There Were Roses by Mick Moloney, Robbie O'Connell, Jimmy Keane

  1. Whinny Hills Of Leitrim
  2. The Humours Of Derrycrosane
  3. A Blast Of Wind