Dérobée De Guingamp jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dérobée De Guingamp
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:ccc cBc|dcd eze|ccc cBc|dcB A3:|:cde B2d|dcB cBA|cde B2d|dcB A3:|
|:e2f e2d|ced cBA|e2f e2d|cBcA3:|:ABc ABc|d2B c2A|e2f e2d|cBA e3:|
|:efe e2d|ded d2c|cBA e3|dcB A3:|
ccc c2G|c2e g2e|ccc c2c|d2e d3|ccc c2G|c2e g2e|c2e g2g|fed c3|
GAG d2d|dAB c2B|GAG c2B|AGA B3|GAG d2d|dAB c2B|GAG c2B|AGA G3|
|:ABC CBA|B2c ABC|ABC CBA|B2c A3:|:Gce g2g|f2f e2e|Gce g2g|fed c3:|
|:ede A3|Bcd cBA|ede A3|BAG A3:|:e2z g2z|fed e2c|e2z g2z|fed c3:|
gfe gfe|a2a g3|abc' gag|fed e2c|gfe gfe|a2a g3|abc' gag|fed c3|

Four comments

From the town of Guingamp in Brittany, where it is played during the feast of the Saint-Loup..

This is the most famous of the Dérobées…

Just noticed something in the ABC.. Those Cs, are they supposed to be “c”s in the ABC?

- Armand