The Didda reel

By Liz Carroll

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Didda
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D|G3 B AGEF|G2 BA G<EEG|D2 GB dGBd|e/f/e dB A2 Bd|
efeB d2 gf|e2 dB A2 dB|E<GCG dedB|A/B/A GE G3:|
|:d|g3 d c2 BA|B2 AG E2 GE|D3 G E/F/G AB|d2 BA AGEG|
e3 f edBA|A2 Bd e2 ga|b2 ag edBG|B<A GE G3:|

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Stupid name but great tune.
This is a slow reel or lively air depending how you hear it; written by Liz Carroll the fiddler.It is on her album “Lost in the Loop” (track 13).
I reckon it could be played before a hornpipe or a reel.

Is it really ‘C’

The low ‘C’ in the 8th measure really doesn’t sound like a ‘C’ to me. All the scripts I’ve seen, including Liz’s book have it as a C. When I listen to to I hear either E, though a D works as well.

Great tune.

Re: The Didda

Whaddoes da didda do?
Or is? Does someone know?

Re: The Didda

I think the didda is the scotch snap, ie note 4and5 bar 2 etc, I could be wrong.

Re: The Didda

I seem to remember Liz announcing on a radio programme that it referred to the opening chord which Scottish Country Dance Bands play before a set - “Did-Da” [ pause ] , then off they go - but I could be wrong too.

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Re: The Didda

Interesting ideas - thank youse