Dunga & The Badger reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dunga & The Badger
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:E3F GABd|~e3d edBG|AcBG A2 (3ccA|BGAF GEDB,|
B,E(3EGE EFGA|Beed edBA|GE~E2 FD~D2|1 A,B,DF EE(3FEE:|2 A,B,DF E2gf||
|:eB~B2 dBeB|(3BcB dB eBdB|cABG AFGE|DEFG ABcd|
eB~B2 cBdB|eBdB cdef|~g3a gedB|1 ABdf e2gf:|2 ABdf edBA||

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Brian Morrissey

Learn’t this tune by ear from a live recording from the belltable in Limerick. I great banjo player by the name of Brian Morrissey composed it and was playing that night. Hope you don’t mind me posting it.

So does Brian have a name for it, or should we call it Brian Morrissey’s?

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Name of this tune

Brian Morrissey here…delighted to see my tune posted on the site. My thanks to banjaxbanjo…what’s your real name? The tune is actually called "Dunga & the Badger" and I recorded it with a group called GANAM on the 12th St. Patrick’s Day Celebration CD, on the Magnetic Music label a few years ago. The name of the tune refers to a button accordion player called Pat "Red" Sullivan from Cork, also known as the Badger, and his encounters with Dunga, a boxer dog that lived in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Dunga is no longer with us but he lives on in the tune!

Hi Brian - thanks for the tune title, and the story behind it. Now I’d like to know how Pat "Red" "Badger" earned his string of nicknames. 🙂

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Set with ‘Dunga & the Badger’ in it…

Just a suggestion…I play the tune with a Donegal reel after it called the Miser’s Purse in A major. I learned it from the playing of Tommy Peoples. That’s the way we recorded it on the CD as mentioned above.