The Return Home jig

By Skip Healy

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Return Home
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
a3 aga|bga fge|fde dBA|GAB deg|
a3 aga|bga fge|fde dBG|ABA A3:|
A3 ABd|e2e e2B|~d3 dBG|~d3 dBG|
ABA ABd|ege e2B|~g3 g2e|dBG A2A|
ABA ABd|ege e2B|~d3 dBG|~d3 dBG|
ABA ABd|ege e2B|~g3 g2e|dBG A2A||
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Name This Tune?

Yet another Gan Ainm, listed only as “Traditional” from the “Two Left Feet” CD my daughter uses for dance practice. This is the third in a set starting with the Am version of “Custy’s”. The second is in G, and I haven’t identified it yet either. I’ll post it one of these days.

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The Return Home

This one jumped right out at me. It’s The Return Home, 2nd jig in a set, track 13 on Solas’ cd “Solas.”

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The Return Home

This is a great tune that seems to be getting alot of circulation. Skip Healy composed the tune and he plays it on his CD, Farewell New England’s Shores. Skip Healy plays what is listed here as the second part as the first part on his CD. Solas, on the other hand, plays it as it is posted here. Seems to work great both ways, perhaps depending on how it is arranged in the set. I find the tune fascinating because of the interesting cascading effect generated by the first three bars of the tune (as rendered here). Almost seems like the tune jumps into a 4/4 meter for moment. lot’s o fun…

The return home

Skip did infact write this tune back in the late ‘80’s when he was living in Basle, Switz. The tune was inspired by a surprise he found upon entering his apartment, following a trip home to New England to visit family and friends. As to the surprise you’ll have to ask him.

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Here’s an hexatonic tune lackin the 3rd degree (mixolydian -or dorian-)